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Dear Prop Labels friend,


We all have the responsibility to lead lives that aim to diminish the negative impact civilization has had on the environment. 

Of course the planet is going to be pretty much fine regardless of what we do.

Many species however, including us, might not be. Less is more has never been more true or more urgent.

Opulence is something of the past while minimalism underlines the vital and inevitably translates into a lifestyle.

The sustainability preoccupation is ingrained in the design world which is already focused on recycling, optimizing production 

and using resources to their maximum potential.

There are some simple things that all of us can do, things like: don't print, take short showers, bring your own bag to the 

store, don't over-heat your home, use public transportation or ride your bike and think about getting a solar panel for your 

electricity needs.

We want to bring awareness to the damage done by the consumerism culture, we turned all of our bag production to eco bags.


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